What's My Role ?


Many people approached us for this association and many of them are interested to work for associations goals. We are lucky to have such many people in our community.  We are working on process to include such members in association’s activities. Also you can help association by different ways. You can find yourself in one of the positions below.

I am a businessman: We have many people, who are doing successful business in different sectors like construction and other areas.  Also we have many graduates who pass out from civil sectors and related areas. You can give them an opportunity for employment. Of course, in business no one can make compromise with business ethics and quality/process of standardization. But giving priority to unemployed people of our caste can reduce the rate of unemployment in our community. If you have such opportunities, you can post it in Employment blogs. Also it will be great if you can take responsibility of some underprivileged students listed at link Education

I do job in Private/Government sectors: We have many people who do job in private sectors like IT/ HR/Banking etc. Also we have many people who are the good position in government jobs.  In different circumstances you come to know different job vacancies and generally you circulate it with your friends circle. If you declare such opportunities with for our caste people, it will help to provide a job to unemployed graduate.  Also if settled a person can take help underprivileged student it will be added advantage.

I am a student: We have good rate of literate/education in last 7-9 years. Even though financially settled families are able to give good education to new generation, situation is not same for villages and many slum areas. Many students struggle for basic needs of education. Even though government provides facilities for education, higher education needs good financial support. If you know such underprivileged students who have good academics and who deserve some sort of help you can share his/her details with us.

I am just a common man: Yess… Just by being a common man, who is reading this page , you can help this association by many ways.  Even though we have reached to many well-educated people, still we are out of touch from people across villages and under-developed areas. You can spread the information about this association to these people  and friends families you know. You can use your network to spread information about our association. This will help us to reach every vadar family at granular level.

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