About us


Who we are :

Vadar Association is a non-political, non-sectarian and secular independent association working for development of vadar community in Maharashtra and around it. We are the people who are working to make growth in community by providing help and a different ways to help others. As signified by logo, associations main objective is to solve on basic problems of community like education,employment and career. We are highly working across different geographies of Maharashtra to spread the awareness of education and related things. Here we all members work at a same flat level and don’t believe on Senior-junior hierarchy. And thats why we feel proud to say our self as a family member of great vadar family. We are open to all people and any one can join us, can become like us who wish to help our people without taking any credits. If you are interested then what you need to do is just a click on Contact us and let us know about you. 

What we do :

In our community there are few people who are well educated and well settled. In short they are leaving standard life. While major proportion of community is under poverty line. They can not avail even basic needs of life. The root reason behind this situation is lack of Education and lack of proper job or earning way even by having good degree which is ultimately result of lack of awareness about career opportunities. And to rectify all these problems what we need to do is to work on these factors: 

1. Education

2. Employment

3. Career guidance

Here we motivate students by providing help in terms of education material and related things. Also we keep track of their academics and inspire them to learn more and in better way. We also try to put the graduated members in appropriate job by using our network and contacts. We do help to juniors by giving appropriate guidance in career. We have some members who are in different government jobs and related sectors. We try to use their experience which can become a useful guide to others. And still many other ways we are looking forward to help out such people. 

What you can do :

Well... you can do all things what we do here. Even may be more and better than that... If you know about a poor student who have good academics and lacking good economical background, then you can bring his details to us. Even if you are aware about people who wishes to make help others, you can bring those details too. Like us, you can become mediator between students and helpers. Also if you likes to guide your juniors, then this is a right platform for you. And even if you have any more ways or ideas to put ,you are always most welcome to add it. 

Come, join us and feel proud to be a member of Great Vadar Family !!



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